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Your cheap flight tickets are booked, and now the time for your trip is fast approaching. With your journey so close it’s almost tangible, the reality suddenly hits you: you’re about to spend hours on a long haul flight, with little space to stretch out and the ever present possibility of a noisy neighbor to keep you awake.  

Worry not: there are a multitude of ways to make the journey more enjoyable, and with our checklist of tips and tricks, the stresses and hassles of flying long haul will soon be a distant memory.

Before the flight 

  1. Pack wisely. Most airlines will allow for one carry-on bag plus a smaller personal item, which means you’ve got limited but ample space to pack everything you could need for a long haul flight. As well as any entertainment or devices you’re bringing with you, we also suggest toiletries such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as extra snacks, a lightweight scarf or something to use as a makeshift blanket, and everything listed in our next tip!
  2. Be prepared. Make sure you’ve got all the essentials either before you head to the airport, or pick them up in duty free. We’re talking ear buds to block out the noisy child across the aisle, an eye mask to help you stop any unwanted light disturbing your sleep and a neck pillow because comfort comes first!
  3. Charge your electronic devices. There’s nothing worse than deciding mid-flight you want to watch a movie on your tablet, only to see that ominous low battery warning flashing up at you.
  4. Arrive at the airport early. Leaving plenty of time before your flight to arrive at the airport, check any bags you’re bringing with you and head through security to relax in the departure lounge will only make your airport experience that little bit less stressful.

In flight beverage looking out of plane window

During the flight 

  1. Stay hydrated. Airplanes are not known for being the most hydrating of environments, so water will be your friend here. Whilst you don’t want to overdo it, drinking water on a regular basis throughout the flight will keep your body hydrated, helping to ward off cramp, help with blood flow and generally make you feel a lot better!
  2. Move about. Getting up, taking a walk up and down the aisles, stretching your muscles – especially those in your legs – are all things which will help you stay healthy on your long haul flight.
  3. Avoid alcoholic beverages. Whilst it may be tempting to treat yourself to a glass of wine or a cold beer, at 37,000 feet this is often not the best idea. Alcohol is dehydrating and could affect your sleeping pattern, so keeping it to a minimum could contribute to a much more relaxing flight.
  4. Make the most of it! Rarely do we have hours of uninterrupted time to ourselves, without emails or phone calls popping up every few minutes. Take advantage of this to get some work done, or even better – to relax and enjoy the time to yourself.

Keep these tips in mind when taking your next long flight for a more enjoyable experience – and let us know yours on twitter @liligo_com

IMG: Onboard A318/319 Economy Class – Air France, Matt@PEK / Flickr cc



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