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Today, sending flowers to your girlfriend as a romantic gesture isn’t going to make the cut for her Instagram never mind get you juicy boyfriend points.

Instead it’s all about flying half way across the world and documenting your journey back to your bae. Don’t forget to post it on social media with an easy breezy yet extremely relative soundtrack – obvs.

A young man, 19, did exactly showing that distance is no match for young love. Mathias Skaarup, from Denmark, maxed out his credit card in order to make the impromptu visit to see his girlfriend Anna, who recently moved to California to study.

The heartwarming video tells the world how they met, and how much he misses her. After we follow Mathias from his home, to the airport, through the air and to the door of his childhood sweet heart, you can’t help but feel inspired by the pair.

Warning: watching ths video may result in a spontaneous booking of cheap flights for you and your significant other.

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