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We’ve all heard about the positive effects animals can have on our mental health. San Francisco Airport is taking that a step further by introducing passengers for LiLou, a Therapy Pig to help stressed-out fliers. We say, why not?

Traveling can be stressful. There’s so much to remember starting with the pre-flight packing, making sure you get to the airport on time, and then there’s getting through TSA security… the list is endless. To help passengers relax and de-stress before their flight, San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has decided to bring in a new four-legged friend, named LiLou.

LiLou is a spotted Juliana pig who not only is a cuddly, friendly little creature but she’s also created such an impact that she has her own Instagram account! What makes this little pig so special? She is the first pig to be certified in the Animal Assisted Therapy Program and the first non-canine addition to the Wag Brigade, a group of 22 therapy dogs that roam SFO with vests that say, “Pet me!”

Want to meet LiLou in person? Grab those flights to San Francisco and keep an eye out for a pink spotted pig, usually in a costume!

IMG: lilou_sfpig on Instagram

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