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Spring Airlines, China’s budget airline, are offering around 100 scenic ‘moon viewing’ flights from Sept 26 – Sept 28 especially for moon enthusiasts.

This year Sept 27 marks three important lunar events, on the 27th a supermoon, a total lunar eclipse and Asia’s Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival will be occurring.

China’s Moon Festival is believed to be the day with the brightest moon of the year. The festival is also important for the people in China, families and friends reunite and eat mooncakes under the bright moon.

Yi Mao, the airline’s head of marketing, tells CNN “We hope the moon-viewing flights will take care of the emotional needs of our customers who are still on the road during the festival.”

The airline will also incorporate some festival traditions such as eating mooncakes, writing couplets and guessing lantern riddles. Book your flights to China for the Moon Festival.

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