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You may be familiar with the ex-Instagram It-Girl Essena O’Neil who has recently unveiled the truth behind the heavily filtered and curated world of Instagram.

Unsurprisingly O’Neil’s confession blew up the internet, and in her destruction left a long line of confused tweens asking, ‘So, wait, you don’t wake up like that in the morning?’

Of course, this is nothing new. Instagram filters are all too tempting, especially when we know a quick click of Valencia will get us an extra 20 likes. Filters enact as a modern day fairy godmother, giving us the tools to appear pristine and glass slipper-like in front of our peers. At least until the clock strikes midnight and we’re left to experience life with #nofilter making everything look … well, just not as good.

Gym lads and selfie girls are not the only ones who are guilty of filtering to the extreme. Travelers are notorious for showing us a rose tinted view of their travel experience and often filter/angle/and position their photos until the landmark becomes almost recognizable.

Ok, you can still see that it’s The Taj Mahal but when you see it #IRL (in real life) you may find yourself thinking ‘Well, this doesn’t look as good as the photo I liked on Instagram’.

Here are the top attractions Instagram has ruined for us


Instagram: The beautiful rock formation was practically made for Instagram; the secluded shot perfectly represents your creative, thoughtful and pensive personality. Instragram probably even suggests you sat on the rock for hours, writing poetry, thinking about life and meditated. A sure fire way to ensure the likes.insta-norway
Reality: You waited in line for hours to get that one shot, and you couldn’t even share it with your loved one because she was 200 meters away on another rock ready to capture your new profile pic.



Taj Mahal

Instagram: Built out of love for his deceased wife, the Taj Mahal was commissioned in 1632 by the heartbroken Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to house the tomb of his loved one. With beauty and romance distilled in the history and visible in its architecture, the Taj Mahal is a peaceful and inspiring place to visit with your bae.taj-mahal-insta

Reality: It’s likely that you’ll have to lift your bae in order to get a glimpse of the building. With 3 million people visiting a year; you’ll be fighting for a solo shot of you, your significant other and the Taj Mahal. On the positive side – there’s plenty of people to ask to take your photo.

Taj Mahal

London Tube

Instagram: Gritty and effortless understated, this urban transit is way cooler than taking the bus – we don’t know why, but it just is. Now you’re in London you’re a pro city slicker, so much so the tube doesn’t even phase you. You need to take a snap of your morning commute to one of London’s landmarks. Plus, the monochrome color scheme lends perfectly to your Instagram look and style. Right on!london-inst

Reality: Out of shot there’s a drunken guy passed out on his way home from the night before. He’s snoring really loud and drooling all over, you’d move seats but the early tube is rammed. Unlucky.Passed out

Img: C.M Keiner, Helari Hellenurm, Friar’s Balsam, knittymarie / Flickr cc.

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