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Jet lag. It wakes us up in the middle of the night, telling us it’s time to eat, or casts a sleepy spell over us during the day. The cure? Well, this new app might help.

There’s an app for pretty much everything these days, including jet lag. IATA, the International Air Transport Association, has come up with a new app called SkyZen, which promises to help frequent flyers battle the effects of jet lag. It works in conjunction with a fitness wristband and monitors a passenger’s activity and sleep patterns while in the air.

With some analysis, it offers tips and a strategy for combating the jet lag while you’re travelling. Just input your flight number, date and class of travel and the app will build a personalized regimen to follow before you travel, during and after your flight.jet lag app SkyZen will also use health data from the wristband to tell you when and what to eat in order to minimise the disruption to our circadian rhythm, our body’s natural clock.

This app sounds really cool but does it really work? You be the judge! The app is still too new to have any reviews on the iTunes store. It’s available to download for free and works with Jawbone fitness wristbands.

Why not test out this new app on your next travel. Book flights now for your next cheap destination.

IMG: theterramarproject, tshermankb, SarahTz / Flickr cc.

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