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Have you ever dreamed of traveling around the world with just your backpack? It’s not only a fun way to explore the globe, but an affordable way too! So, how much does it really cost to backpack? Let’s take a look.

There is a really handy tool for figuring out the true cost of backpacking around the world and that’s the Backpacker Index. The first index came out in 2010 and since then, travelers have been using it to find out which cities and countries are the most affordable for backpackers.

Are you a little on the broke side? Don’t worry; there are plenty of places around the world that are still affordable, even to the most cash-strapped traveler. This year’s report reveals that Europe is a bargain for US travelers, as the Euro is considerably weak when put up against the dollar.

But what part of the world is the most affordable? Without a doubt it’s Asia. While many Asian countries can be found at the top of the list, most European destinations are still at the bottom, among the most expensive.

Pokhara, Nepal
Pokhara, Nepal

10 cheapest destinations for backpacking*

  1. Kiev, Ukraine
  2. Pokhara, Nepal
  3. Hanoi, Vietnam
  4. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  5. Goa, India
  6. Kathmandu, Nepal
  7. Chiang Mai, Thailand
  8. Vientiane, Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  9. La Paz, Bolivia
  10. Quito, Ecuador

10 most expensive destinations for backpacking

  1. Zurich, Switzerland
  2. New York, USA
  3. London, UK
  4. Bergen, Norway
  5. Interlaken, Switzerland
  6. Venice, Italy
  7. Helsinki, Finland
  8. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  9. Oslo, Norway
  10. Stockholm, Sweden

*Prices are based on a dorm bed at a good, but cheap hostel, 3 budget meals, 2 rides on public transportation, 1 paid cultural attraction and 3 cheap beers.

Check out the Backpacker’s Index 2015 at

All you need is to book your flight out there and then the adventure begins.

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