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Misterbnb was created in 2013 after its founder experienced discrimination at the hands of an AirBnb host who refused them stay upon learning they were a gay couple.

Frenchman Matthieu Jost and his partner rented a room in Barcelona through AirBnb and were refused stay upon the host learning that the pair area gay couple. Rejecting the couple meant they had to cut their stay short, prompting their return to Paris the following day.

After this uncomfortable, upsetting and inconvenient experience Jost wanted to create an online homestay platform which enabled LGBT individuals and couples to book short-term rentals for their travels with peace of mind.

For him, it was important that the website offered a safe space for gay men to book travel accommodation. Misterbnb currently has 33,500 hosts in 130 countries, with the majority in France. If you’re looking for safe, gay-friendly accommodation for your next flight to Paris, check out Misterbnb.

Although AirBnb does not tolerate discrimination it’s difficult to police more than 1.5 million host listings worldwide. Unlike Misterbnb that can guarantee gay friendly homestays.

Out Now Global said there will be an additional $4.25 billion spent annually by gay travelers to the States due to the U.S Supreme Court’s approval of gay marriage.

AirBnb launched a video campaign earlier this year to promote LGBT travel.

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