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As a traveler you try your best to blend into the surroundings, culture and locals. But this New York based artist and travel photographer takes it to a whole new level.

In Trina Merry’s new series “Lost in Wonder” she explores the relationship between traveling and the ethos of self. She shoots U.K model Kyle James in stunning locations around the world, in each picture James’ body is painted to blend into the scenery to become one with the world-famous landmark.

Merry and James traveled to China, Mexico and Egypt among many other countries to shoot some of the world’s most famous landmarks such as Stonehenge, the Colosseum and the Great Wall of China.

Merry said. “I was amazed that, due to the nature of contemporary tourism, so many people idealize these places but they leave with some selfies, a branded trinket and a bit of disappointment. They looked… lost.”



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