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You’ve decided to take a vacation, you know where you want to go – but when should you travel to avoid the rainy season and enjoy optimal weather conditions? This ineractive map has all the answers.

Trying to decide where to go when is a challenge we all face when booking a vacation. While has you covered if you’re stuck for inspiration (check out our deals map to see where to go within your budget), if you know where you want to travel but not when to go to avoid horrible weather; or you know the weather you want but not where to get it, this interactive map could be the answer!

Created by Ryan Whitacker, the map allows you to enter your preferred weather conditions (temperature and rainfall) and check out where in the world matches up with your ideal climate during any given week.

So, if you’re looking for the best place to go for sun and high temperatures, or when to travel to your dream destination, the map is pretty much indispensible!

IMG: Pixabay

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