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Don’t worry, you don’t have the wrong URL: the Traveler’s Blog has transformed into a new platform for travel lovers with even more news, tips, hot deals and destination ideas. We’ve even upgraded the name to reflect our new look. Introducing… The Traveler’s Edition!

As you know, is a powerful search engine for flight tickets, hotels and car hires, which lets you organize a trip in just a few clicks, for the best price. The new web magazine takes exactly the same approach: it gives users access to a whole host of useful tips and info, and all the necessities for making a trip amazing.

Stylish design

With a new look, The Traveler’s Magazine invites you to travel through all sorts of visuals and written content. Its modern and ergonomic interface allows you to easily access posts and navigate comfortably from destination to destination thanks to its new search features.

A mine of useful information!

You’ll find exactly what you need to organize your trip: the latest news about your destination, practical tips, destination ideas, hot deals on flights, etc.

Current events: The Traveler’s Edition offers a news wire that is updated on a daily basis. Find info about strikes affecting airports in the UK and Europe, the launch of airline campaigns with cheap tickets, new tourist attractions, etc.

Traveler Tips: The magazine also offers a category completely dedicated to tips for travelling better, with posts on how to avoid any “trip hiccups,” from booking your flights, at the airport, while travelling and also once you arrive at your destination.

Just like these: How to: Travel as a Couple, Money Matters: How to Avoid Paying Extra Airline Fees, How to: Prepare your Pet’s Vacation, etc.

Travel inspiration: Be inspired every week as we feature new destinations and trip ideas with posts, photos and links.

Just like these: The Coolest Film Locations in Europe, The Most Beautiful Road Trips in the World, The 5 Best Miami Beaches, etc.

Interviews: What better way to get to know a destination than by asking someone who’s already been? We’re handing the megaphone over to travelers. Find interviews from celebrity travelers, bloggers and members of Team Liligo who are passionate about travelling. They tell us about their favorite places and share travel memories and experiences.

Just like this: Tatiana’s Travels: Going it Solo

Make it your Edition!

Our goal: to create a community around the world of travel. We want to create a true community of people who love to travel and discover new places. So, make it your own Edition by sharing your travel stories, your tips and advice and your experiences. How? You can leave a comment on a post or fill out the contact form.
We’d love to know what you think!

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