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So, you might think you have a rough ride getting from your flight, through customs and out of the door, but this video proves that your luggage has it worse.

This video created by Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport shows the journey your luggage goes on after it hits the ground. The video shows the labyrinth of conveyer belts, exit and entrances and tilting platforms your luggage passes.

Of course, not all airports operate like this, some go old school and go down the traditional manhandling route.

But considering Schiphol is one of Europe’s busiest air hubs, the roller coaster style luggage sorter is essential.

Schiphol in fact handles 50 million pieces of luggage per year (and has the capacity to handle up to 70 million). At peak times it can shift 160,000 per day.

Take a look at the luggage’s epic adventure.

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IMG: Digiart2001 jason.kuffer / Flickr cc.

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