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For most of us, finding our flight had departed minutes before we reached the gate would be game over. For one man, however, giving up was not an option. The solution to his missed flight woes? Running across the tarmac in an attempt to hail his plane down! 

We’ve all been there: you arrived at the airport late, there was a hold up at security, or you got distracted in duty free. Whatever the reason, we’ve all found ourselves rushing to the gate with minutes to spare before catching our flight. One man at Madrid airport took his efforts to make his flight to a whole new level in this video shared on the Lesma and Ryanair handers’ trade union Facebook page.

A member of ground crew at Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport captured the incident in a short video, which shows the passenger breaching security regulations and jumping from a disconnected gangway before sprinting, baggage in hand, across the apron of the airport in an attempt to hail his Ryanair plane down. It is unclear whether or not he was eventually able to board his flight, but with serious fines in place for passengers who take such measures we doubt he’ll be doing it again!

IMG: Madrid airport, Hilde Kari / Flickr cc.

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