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New Year ’s Eve inspires a lot of self-reflection as people decide what changes to make in order to improve their life or achieve their goals in the upcoming year.

New Year resolutions can be taken with a pinch of salt, many people make them, and only a few keep them. But none the less, it’s great to start thinking about ways in which you can change your life and routine to be your happiest and most fulfilling self.

Traveling related resolutions are one of the most popular resolutions to make. Many people will make the promise to travel more, or to take that dream trip they keep putting off. If you are one of the many who make the promise to travel more we will introduce you to Lonely Planet’s Best Country to visit in 2016.

Welcome to Botswana

A true safari experience! Botswana is blessed with some of the greatest wildlife spectacles in the world, there are more elephants here than any other country and if big cats are your thing, you will no doubt see them roaming free in their natural habitat.

Botswana is packed with life-changing experiences, everything is so pristine, wild and preserved its difficult not to be awestruck when you are walking among such primitive nature, untouched and unspoiled by western influence.

Many people think Botswana is difficult to get to and doesn’t cater for families – which results in the country being an overlooked choice. But the country is a unique destination and Lonely Planet predicts big things from it in 2016 and beyond. So if you want to get ahead of the curve book your flights to Botswana and experience the bewitching nature.

IMG: Champagne pour by Didriks / Flickr cc.

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