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The Norwegian Airline have recently allowed passengers to carry instruments instead of hand luggage – but as the picture shows this can quickly cause a space problem.

Many musicians prefer to store their instruments in the cabin during a flight, rather than the cargo compartment as the instrument is more likely to be damaged from reckless lifting.

The members of Danish String Quartets took advantage of this new rule and brought their instrument on board (the instrument can be a maximum size of 90 x 35 20 cm). However due to a lack of space, some of the instruments are unable to be stored in the overhead compartments, and therefore end up on their owners lap.

The owner in question took to social media to show the result along with the caption, “Asbjørn struggling to find space for his viola case between his legs as he is not allowed to put it in the overhead compartment despite new rules for instruments in the cabin. Shocking and unsafe.”


IMG: The Danish String Quartet

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