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Yes, apparently going on holiday makes us stupid! At least that is the result of several studies that show that holidays are driving down the IQ of travelers … But rest assured, the “holiday effect” does not cause permanent damage.

Why is it that every little task seems harder to do post-vacation?

Take comfort in the face you’re not alone! Several studies confirm that a long break undermines the effectiveness of your gray matter .

A study by neuroscientist Siegfried Lehrl, for example, shows that a 2 week holiday would lower our IQ by 20 points on average! Lehrl explains that inactivity reduces the level of oxygenation of the brain, which degrades the operation of the electrical connections of the cortex.

Do not panic, though: this is a temporary phenomenon . Two to three days after getting back into the swing of things at home and work, your brain should have regained all its old skills (probably it’s old bad habits too).

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