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Last week saw the launch of a new essential travel kit, answering the prays of travelers all over the world.

Funded by Kickstarter, “the world’s best travel jacket” had managed to achieve around $9m exceeding the origin target of $20,000 set by the jacket creators, Baubax.

Interesting fact: it has become the most funded piece of clothing in Kickstarter’s history – demonstrating the commercial demand for a travel item.

Key features:

• 15 pockets all specifically designed for different traveling kit (passport, phone, tablet are all tailored for)

• Built in travel pillow, eye mask, gloves, microfiber cloth and a pen/stylus

• Also comes in 4 styles

This jacket may be perfect for someone traveling short haul, who is trying to cramp as much as possible in their hand luggage.

But be sure to put all your belongings in the correct 15 pockets, and remember which is which – if not, you may just hold up customs rummaging through your jacket in search for your passport.

Why not try the jacket on your next travels? Search our travel engine to pick your next destination.


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