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Tourism Australia has come up with a device that can help tourists take selfies of more than just their face.

Giga Selfie, billed as the world’s biggest selfie service, will be available on Australia’s Gold Coast this weekend.

It uses cellphone technology and a high definition camera which is triggered by the Giga Selfie app.

Travelers use the service by standing on the designated spot on Gold Coast beach and use the Giga Selfie app on their smart phone to trigger the distant camera and commence the selfie.

An enormous selfie is taken and sent via email to the traveler as a short video clip; the clip starts as a close up of their face and tracks out to reveal the surroundings.

The project is planned to run only over this weekend. However depending how successful the selfie service is, it could be rolled out to other destinations in Australia.

Although the future of the project is undecided, it seems like a great solution for a problem that every traveler faces. To selfie? Or to shoot landscape?

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