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According to a survey carried out by expat social network InterNations, Singapore has been ranked the best place in the world to live for expats.

The survey asked at least 50 of its users who were living in each country to rate their quality of life. Factors such as happiness, health, stability and well-being were rated by the respondents; these factors were used to establish the best place to live for expats.

Singapore ranked in first place for its overall ‘quality of life’, Ecuador came in second place and Austria in third.

Singapore was commended for its high level of personal safety and excellent travel and transport facilities. However it received a significant lower scores with regards to healthcare, a reoccurring finding was that the respondents were unhappy with the medical costs.

Are you an expat living in one of the top 20 destinations? Let us know if you agree or disagree with the rankings.

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InterNations Quality of Life Index 2015

1. Singapore

2. Ecuador

3. Austria

4. Switzerland

5. Portugal

6. Spain

7. Japan

8. Czech Republic

9. Germany

10. South Korea

11. Hungary

12. Costa Rica

13. Australia

14. France

15. Israel

16. Netherlands

17. Malta

18. Thailand

19. Canada

20. Luxembourg

IMG: redeye^./ Flickr cc.

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