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Travel and Leisure have revealed the winners of their annual World’s Best Awards, from the top airports across the US to the best cities in Europe.

The world is home to some amazing destinations, great airports and awesome hotels. Online travel resource Travel and Leisure asked its readers to rate their favorites as part of its annual World’s Best Awards – and the results are now in. Based on a survey of Travel and Leisure readers, categories include the world’s best cities, airports, airlines and islands. 

San Miguel de Allende in Mexico was voted as the world’s best city, while Singapore Airlines took first place as the world’s best international airline. The top airport in the US was revealed as Portland International, and Budapest’s Four Seasons Gresham Palace took home the title of the world’s best hotel.

Click here for the full list of results, but be warned – now you know where the best places to travel are, you may find it hard not to visit!

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