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Have you ever wanted to brush up on your high school Spanish or be able to speak French like a native does? Want to travel the world but are a bit short on cash? TalkTalkBnb, a new social network, pairs foreign travelers with hosts who want to learn their language, cool idea isn’t it?

TalkTalkBnb is a free service that’s a bit like Couchsurfing and a bit like AirBnb. Travelers can sign-up, list their native language and where they’d like to travel. Hosts also create a profile, which lists the languages they’d like to learn. Travelers are offered free accommodation in exchange for only speaking their native language throughout their stay so their hosts can really practice without with pricey language lessons. We think this is such a cool concept and a great way to travel for cheap.

Why you just GOTTA host a TalkTalkBnb traveler

  1. You can finally brush up on the French/Spanish/German/Yiddish that you learned in high school. If you’ve always wanted to be able to speak a language fluently you need to practice, practice, practice and not with a group of your pals that are also struggling to remember how many different verb tenses there are. You need to chat with natives.
  2. It’s like having a live-in private language tutor for free! Okay, you’ll have to set up the spare room or the sofa for your guest and set an extra place at dinner but if you’ve ever Googled how much a private tutor costs, you’ll know you’re getting a good deal by hosting one.
  3. It’s the ultimate cultural exchange. Invite your guest to show you how to cook a traditional meal from their country one evening. Some may even show you a local art or teach you some songs (better get that guitar tuned up!).

If you’re ready to take on a new language welcome your first traveler, sign up for TalkTalkBnb here!


Travelers: Ready, set, speak!

Traveling is so much more than just the sights you see; it’s also about the people you meet and the connections you make. TalkTalkBnb offers travelers the chance to stay with a local host family and exchange and take part in daily life in return for free accommodation and basic meals.

The only catch: you can only speak your native language! It’s all about the host having the chance to practise their conversational skills in a foreign language so be prepared to practise patience, help them out and offer something from your local culture: offer to cook your favourite dish or bring along something special from your region to share like a bottle of wine or sweet treat.

What are you waiting for? Grab that flight to Barcelona, Beijing, Caracas, Paris (anywhere in the world in fact) and go!
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21 responses to “TalkTalkBnb: speak your native language, find free accommodation

    1. Hello,

      During the ‘sign up’ process there is the option to add your native language, as well as any other languages you speak. For these extra languages, you are able to select your level of proficiency – from beginner through to fluent!

      We hope this helps,
      The team

  1. Very interesting website 🙂 from Ireland and this is a brilliant idea and will help people make new friends 🙂

  2. Dear South Korea

    I should be arriving July 20th. I planning to stay 3 months ( I could do a month at your BnB ). I’m an English teacher. I have taught in many countries, Brazil, Venezuela, South Africa and Turkey. I’m based in London where I teach at a Britsih Council accredited school. I love travelling, Art, wine, cheese, walks and getting to know new people. I’ve done some volunteer work, I believe that travelling should be done with some in an intelligent way, giving back to others and making people smile. While I stay at your flat / house I could help tidy up. I’m a very clean and organised person when it comes to sharing. Let me know if it’s possible [email protected]

  3. Im very interesting !!!!
    That is awesome:)
    Will i have help with money during these months?
    I Can speak swedish
    Greek 🙂

  4. I speak 6 languages. Swedish being my first. Interested in Europe, Australia, USA, Japan, Canada, New Zeeland, Some African countries, some Latin American Countries Other countries write me.

  5. Hello, i’m native polisy speaker but i’m bilingual in french. I want to amelirate my english. If interesed, contact me 😉

  6. This is one of the most innovative idea that will not only encourage traveler to share their cultural differences but also will encourage them to share their interest. Nice concept and will surely promote them on our community portal.


  7. Hello. I’m Ghassan from Iraq. Nice to meet you. I’m looking forward to join you. To improve my language. My native language is arabic. Thanks

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