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The airline industry offers up some pretty stiff competition but an annual study ranking airlines based on customer satisfaction has realised their results. So, who came out on top?

Airlines are constantly trying to get creative with new features, new loyalty schemes, better n-flight entertainment and amenities, friendly cabin crew with a reputation for going the extra mile. Which airlines came out on top though, for customer satisfaction? That’s all that matters in the end, isn’t it?

Global marketing information firm J.D. Power and Associations surveyed passenger satisfaction based on seven criteria:

  • costs and fees
  • in-flight services
  • boarding, deplaning and baggage
  • flight crew
  • aircraft
  • check-in
  • reservations

Who came out on top for the 11th year in a row among the low cost airlines?


JetBlue was the top airline carrier with 790 points out or a total of 1,000. Southwest Airlines was just one point behind at 789, WestJet had 723 and Frontier had 662. Despite falling 11 points from their score in 2015, JetBlue still came out with more points than all the airlines and that’s worth something.

Who was at the front of the pack for legacy airlines?

Alaska Airlines

As for legacy carriers, at the front of the pack was Alaska Airlines for the 9th year in a row with 751 points. Delta Air Lines came in Second with 725 points and American Airlines was third with 693 points.

The study’s results also show that we are happier than ever with North American airlines. Overall satisfaction is up for the fourth year in a row. That certainly is a promising things of rate airline industry, no matter how much we complain about the lack of legroom on our flights or how much it costs to check baggage these days. Maybe it’s the fact that flights are cheaper than ever?

Spill the beans: what’s your favorite airline and why?

Img: Grounded by Benson Kua / Flickr cc.

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