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F.R.I.E.N.D.S pretty much established the typical tourist experience of London in 1998 with the fateful episode ‘The One with Ross’s Wedding’. However if you want to ditch the union jack hat and explore local London we can help!

London has many different faces and means something different to just about everyone. With cheap flights to London just a click away, it means your London is waiting for you. Most typically the city is known for its posh accent and regal families, but it’s so much more. London has a beautifully subversive and obscure culture, and sometimes there is happenings that are just too damn-right random to ignore.

Cereal Killer Café

Cereal tastes better at night. Fact. Nobody can explain it but it’s true. Eating cereal at any other time of the day makes it taste that much sweeter and transports you back to your youth with a side serving of nostalgia. In Camden and Brick Lane there’s a whole café dedicated to the sugary breakfast treat – with over 120 types of cereal available from all over the world, 30 variations of milk and 20 different toppings (yes toppings) you can indulge in the art of the cereal bowl and become a cereal connoisseur in no time at all. Killer Cafe

The Floating Cinema 2015: Extra Terrestrial

This summer (Aug 21st – Sept 20th) the Floating Cinema program is set to journey beyond earth into all kinds of imagined alternative worlds. The Extra-Terrestrial program will include open air screenings of sci-fi cult classics, a summer space school and talks from scientists, writers and science enthusiasts. Enjoy the events under the stars and on the water for a unique cinematic experience. Floating cinema

Rebel Bingo

This is one bingo game your granny should definitely miss. Rebel bingo takes the premise of the traditional game and turns it on its head – it’s very strange, very crude and very twisted head. It’s bingo on steroids basically – but so much fun. Expect loud music, rave dancing, sharpie-ing on strangers and bingo lingo that makes ‘two fat ladies’ seem like a compliment. Rebel Bingo can be found in London between 19th September and 18th December – if you think you’re rebellious enough. rebel bingo

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IMG: DncnH, Matt Erasmus, Festival Ambulante, veioescroto / Flickr cc.

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