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Planning to spend your summer vacation in an LGBT friendly destination? Check out our list of the top 7 places to go this summer. Which one will you visit?

Plenty of progress has been made in terms of LGBT rights, but the world still continues to fight for equality. Here at the Traveler’s Edition, we’ve made a list of some of the major cities across the globe which are both gay friendly and awesome destinations.

Madrid, Spain

With the World Pride Madrid 2017 festival happening this summer. the Spanish city is the place to be. Taking place in the well known district of Chueca, the city’s streets will be filled with events including the World LGBT Pride Demonstration, which is expected to be the largest in the world. The festival is taking place between Wednesday June 28 – Sunday July 2, so book last minute flights to Madrid if you want to get involved!

Can’t make the festival? Don’t worry, as Madrid is a gay friendly destination year round. With plenty of great sights, such as the Plaza Mayor and the Buen Retiro Park, and a buzzing nightlife (as well as playing host to Madrid’s World Pride festival, Chueca is also home to plenty of great bars and clubs), it’s an awesome destination no matter when you choose to visit.

Gay pride flag in Madrid

Berlin, Germany

The German capital is known for its open, multicultural and liberal mindset. Although the LGBT scene is scattered throughout the city, in West Berlin the place to go is Nollendorf Square while in East Berlin, Prenzlaure Berg is the LGBT core. Among the city’s celebrations and festivals, Christopher Street Day is one of the most important: Germany’s equivalent to Gay Pride, it takes place every summer (in 2017, on July 22).

Street art in Berlin

San Francisco, US

This Californian city has seen a number of demonstrations for LGBT rights over the years, and has been nicknamed the ‘gay capital of the world’ – so it’s no surprise it features on this list! With one of the world’s largest LGBT communities, the city boasts plenty of great restaurants, bars, clubs and more to enjoy. The neighbourhood of El Castro is probably the city’s best known gay district, and was one of the first in the US.

Gay Pride in San Francisco

Manchester, UK

Although London has one of the largest gay communities in Europe, one of the reasons why we’ve included the English city of Manchester on our list is its vibrant GAY Village. This neighborhood is in the center of the city and offers a variety of venues and events. Be sure to take a stroll down Canal Street and, if you intend to travel to Manchester at the end of August, don’t miss the Manchester Pride festival!


Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark was the first country in the world to recognize same-sex unions in 1989, and the city has gained prominence as a gay-friendly destination ever since. The Danish capital boasts plenty of events and activities, from bars and nightclubs (head to Studiestræde street for great nightlife) to film festivals such as MIX Copenhagen.

Colorful harbor houses in Copenhagen

Montevideo, Uruguay

In 2013, Uruguay became the first country in Latin America to legalize same-sex marriage, and the country is known as a gay friendly destination both in South America and across the world. The Spartacus International Gay Guide placed it 15th of 194 countries in its gay travel index, and its capital of Montevideo offers a small, yet vibrant gay scene. Bars, restuarants, clubs and events can be enjoyed throughout the year, making Montevideo a great destination to visit.


Barcelona, Spain

The beautiful northern Spanish city, and capital of Catalonia, is another of the world’s prime gayfriendly destinationsIn the center of the city is the Gayxample area, where you can find a great variety of bars, clubs, cafés and even information points. Want to escape the city? The nearby coastal town of Sitges is well known for its gay scene, and can be reached in less than an hour from Barcelona.

Ferris wheel in Barcelona

Although there is still a long way to go, more cities every year are opening up to accept and promote equality between different groups. There are plenty more we’d love to add to this list…where would you recommend?

IMG: Madrid, Berlin, San Francisco, Barcelona / Pixabay; Shutterstock; YouTube

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