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As a traveler the last thing you want to do is offend a local! When you’re visiting a new country we try our hardest to fit in, learn the culture and attempt to speak a little bit of the language.

But sometimes it’s easy to put one foot wrong and get on the wrong side of a local, but thankfully the good people over at Globelink Travel Insurance have rounded up a whopping 18 things that travelers shouldn’t do abroad. Think of it as a “How NOT to” guide.

The tips range from what not to talk about in Europe to tipping culture in Asia, and everything in between.

Travelling on flights to Paris? When you get there, don’t discuss how much the hotel room in Paris city center cost you, in fact, don’t mention money at all. When visiting India it’s socially unacceptable to touch the opposite sex, not even a shake of the hand. So try and keep your hands to yourself … well, until you reach the hotel room at least.

When travelling abroad it’s good manners to brush up on the local taboos as well as the local language and culture, and adjust your behavior accordingly.

If you want to learn how to behave at the dinner table in different countries, read our article about dinning etiquette here.

How NOT to guide

Don't Do these 18 Things Abroad

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