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Group travel operator for Contiki surveyed thousands of 18 – 35 year olds to find out one thing: what’s on your travel bucket list for 2017? The results are now in and we should warn you, they’re seriously wanderlust worthy!

In compiling a “No Regrets” travel bucket list, Contiki looked to over 5,500 millennials from around the world for answers. The results are in and the top twenty experiences have been revealed. On the list? Popular tourist sites, stunning natural attractions and cultural highlights such as learning how to make pizza (in Italy, of course!).

Topping the “No Regrets” travel list is a visit to Iceland’s Blue Lagoon; also popular is a trip to see the pyramids of Giza and a walk across the Great Wall of China.

Check out the full top ten below – where is on your “No Regrets” travel bucket list?

1. Bathe In The Blue Lagoon

Blue lagoon iceland

2. See The Pyramids Of Giza

Pyramids Egypt

3. Walk The Great Wall Of China

Great Wall of China

4. Chill Out In Byron Bay

Byron Bay Australia

5. Learn How To Make Pizza (Italy)

pizza italy

6. Roadtrip Down Route 66

Route 66 road trip USA

7. Gondola Ride in Venice

Venice gondola Italy

8. Kiss At The Eiffel Tower

Eiffel tower sunset paris france

9. Watch Sea Turtles Lay Their Eggs (Costa Rica)

Sea turtle costa rica

10. Picnic In The French Countryside

Mont Blanc France mountains

IMG: Route 66, Gabriel Millos, Juvenile Green Sea Turtle, prilfish / Flickr cc. and Shutterstock

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