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With more of us traveling solo than ever, Airbnb has put together a list of the top trending destinations for anyone exploring the world alone. So which city took the top spot?

Solo travel can be both daunting and amazing: being able to design your own itinerary, explore at your own pace and build up your confidence at the same time is a pretty great feeling. With solo travel an increasingly popular way to see the world, Airbnb took a look at some of the top trending destinations for those going it alone.

Some cities are already popular solo travel destinations – Buenos Aires, Oslo and Toronto are a few examples offered by Airbnb, with 14% – 27% of bookings in these trending cities for solo travel made by solo travelers.

Other cities are up and coming, seeing a huge increase in popularity with solo travelers throughout 2016. Airbnb took a look at some trending cities for solo travel, with the list taking into account the growth in single-person home bookings throughout 2016.

Airbnb’s Top Trending Solo Destinations

  1. Cancun – 170%
  2. Ho Chi Minh City – 146%
  3. Cologne – 142%
  4. Playa del Carmen – 141%
  5. Johannesburg – 135%
  6. Sao Paulo – 128%
  7. Auckland – 114%
  8. Mexico City – 109%
  9. Charlotte – 106%
  10. Busan – 103%

Have you visited any of the cities on the list?

IMG: Cancun / Pixabay

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