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We all need a vacation from time to time and one travel agency offers the chance for your stuffed animal friends to get away from it all and take a dream trip to Japan! 

Tokyo based Unagi Travel caters exclusively to stuffed animals and for about $50 offers one day tours around either Tokyo or Kamakura, as part of a 2 to 3 week long vacation package. Once you’ve made your choice, simply pop your cuddly friend in the mail and await confirmation of their arrival at the agency’s headquarters – the rest is taken care of! Photos of your stuffed animal’s day out will be posted on Facebook to keep you updated as they enjoy the local cuisine, take in the major sights and absorb the history and culture of Japan.

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For peace of mind, there will also be regular updates on your stuffed toy’s wellbeing throughout the vacation. But don’t worry: if you’d rather stay by your toy’s side on their travels, there are plenty of cheap flights to Japan you can take together.

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IMG: Day 45/365, Nicole Abalde / Flickr cc and Instagram.

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