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It sounds like a dream but is very much a reality: this woman quit her job to travel the world with the ultimate companion – her labradoodle Odie. 

Traveling with pets can be difficult: there’s the added cost when taking a flight, the limitations on accommodation and as a result, on where you can go. Italian-born Marina Piro found the solution to these issues: creating her very own mobile home!

Buying a Renault Kangoo van, Marina set about converting it into the ideal home on wheels for her and Odie, so they could get out and see the world together. The result was Pam The Van, a cozy, functional travel-home which Marina fitted out herself. To help others with the same idea get started, she’s set up a blog entitled Pamthevan, on which she documents her experience and shares useful tips about traveling with your pet and kitting out your van.

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So far, Marina, Odie and Pam have visited the South of England, France, Switzerland and Italy. To keep up with their adventures, and for some seriously adorable travel inspiration, check our their Instagram page.

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