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In 2013, Ana Bakran made a decision which resulted in what looks like a pretty epic adventure. Closing down her business, she set off on a journey to see the world…by hitchhiking from her native Croatia to Bora Bora!

Through a combination of saving before departure and working along the way, Ana was able to travel on a budget – writing on her blog that “I roll my eyes every time when someone tells me traveling is too expensive. No one forces you to travel in expensive way. There is an alternative path to everything and it’s your own call if you’re going to walk that path.”

Her journey saw her take a number of different types of transport: from cars and minibuses to fishing boats and even a helicopter! She traveled through countries including Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia – you can check out here adventures on her website here.

You’ll also find tips and tricks on hitchhiking, including why it’s easier than you think to hitchhike as a solo female – so if you’re dreaming of a similar adventure, this is the place to go!

IMG: Road, Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr cc.

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