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Is this the most luxurious train ever? This train in Scotland just got its very own spa car and it looks incredibly relaxing. 

The Belmond Royal Scotsman is a luxury sleeper which transports up to 40 guests around the Scottish Highlands. Geared towards the experience rather than getting travelers from a to b, the train allows passengers to explore the Highlands in style.

There are a number of itineraries, with a choice between experiences lasting from 2 to 7 nights. Stops along the way include castles, villages and whiskey distilleries.

The train already offers a luxurious environment, with an observation car in which to enjoy a drink while watching the Scottish countryside fly past. Now, it’s taking things one step further with the introduction of its very own spa!


The Bamford Hayburn Spa offers guests two treatment rooms with a number of treatments available, from facials to massages.

Journeys depart from Edinburgh, taking passengers around Scotland with one itinerary offering an all encompassing tour of Great Britain.

IMG: Gleann Comhan, Scotland, john mcsporran / flickr cc.

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