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Good news for anyone who loves to travel: a new study has revealed that those who explore the world are more employable!

Hostel booking site Hostelworld quizzed travelers and employers from 9 countries on their views on travel and work. The results are pretty positive for those who love to travel, with employers and travelers alike saying that traveling boosted their employment opportunities.

46% of those surveyed said that they met people on their travels who helped them to find their current jobs; 61% did CV-enhancing work abroad; while 62% said that the experience of traveling helped them to figure out their life goals.

The benefits of travel were also cited as reasons for the increased employability of those who explore: confidence, people skills and the ability to adapt were just a few of the benefits mentioned.

So if you were worried that month long trip around South America would harm your employment opportunities, think again: those who travel may just be that little bit more employable.

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