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The U.S government are partnering with Egyptian government in order to protect Egyptians iconic Sphinx and surrounding antiquities for future generation to enjoy.

Yesterday the U.S Ambassador Stephen Beecroft confirmed U.S support during a visit to the Pyramids and Sphinx.

Human activity and environmental factors can negatively impact Egypt’s cultural treasures. In 2006, standing surface water appeared in the low-lying areas of the Giza Necropolis near the Great Sphinx. The ground water, which is dangerous to the foundations of these ancient structures, will weaken there integrity.

The U.S government through the U.S Agency for International Development (USAID) helped lower the groundwater that threatened to damage the site. Through USAID, $100 million has been spend since 1995 for the preservation and restoration of cultural heritage sites in Old Cairo, Bab Zuweila, the Giza Plateau, Luxor, Alexandria, Sohag and Rea Sea sites.

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