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After last week’s electronics ban left a number of travelers questioning what they would do on those long flights to the US, one airline has come out with a list of suggestions to counteract the boredom.

An electronics ban on flights from a number of airports largely located in the Middle East to the U.S. came into effect last week, meaning items including laptops tablets were no longer allowed in the cabin but rather must travel in checked baggage.

The measures affect 9 airlines, operating from 10 airports across 8 countries and have caused some travelers to question what they’ll do on their flight now their electronic devices won’t be available for use in flight. Thankfully, most airlines operating long haul flights offer a wide range of in flight entertainment options. But, for those who are looking for a little more inspiration as to what to do, airline Royal Jordanian has come up with a list of alternative in flight activities.

The list includes both practical and witty suggestions such as “meditate”, “read a book” and “appreciate the miracle of flight”.

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