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It seems there aren’t many perks for flying Economy Class these days but when you hear about one that offers touch-screen displays, 100s of in-flight entertainment options and farm-fresh meals… heads turn. It’s no wonder Thai Airways was recently awarded Best Economy Airline!

The World Airlines Awards included 320 airlines and ranked them based on a survey taken by 19.87 million fliers. Each airline was graded in 49 categories including entertainment, food, crew hospitality, comfort, ease of booking and cleanliness (basically all the important stuff).

What makes Thai Airways stand out from the crowd? It could be the in-flight entertainment system which includes hundreds of albums and the latest films at no extra cost. Or, it could be the scented toilet water. Either way, this airline swept up in every category.

As far as economy airlines closer to home, not a single North American airline ranked in the top 20.

Looks like we’ll just have to book those flights to Bangkok and fly Thai Airways to experience what every Economy Class should strive to be!

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