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There are a number of great reasons to pick the bus as your preferred method of transport for your next trip. Aside from the opportunity to see more of the country you’re traveling through, you can also save some serious bucks: traveling by bus can be super cheap! 

Whether you’re on a budget, you’re a nervous flier or you simply want an alternative way to travel, taking the bus is a great option. Bus companies in the USA, such as Greyhound, will take you from cities such as Chicago, New York and Los Angeles across the country for great prices! Despite the longer journey lengths, traveling by bus doesn’t need to be hard work! Check out these 10 tips to make that bus trip much more enjoyable.

1. Travel overnight 

Choosing to take your bus trip overnight can be a great idea: you’ll save on accommodation for that night, you won’t waste a full day traveling and you can sleep, which means the time will pass by that little bit faster.

2. Layer up 

Often, bus air conditioning means it can get pretty cold, pretty fast. Layer up to cover all bases: if temperatures drop you’ll be cozy and warm, whilst if it’s still mild you can use those extra layers as a pillow. Win win!

3. Pack snacks 

There’s nothing worse than having no food packed when the mid-ride munchies hit! Make sure to pack plenty of food and drink to keep you going. Buying snacks at rest stops means you could end up paying inflated prices so come prepared! Snacks on the bus

4. Dress comfortably  

The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable on a long bus journey. Loose fitting clothing, a snuggly sweater and comfortable footwear is the way to go.

5. Keep your valuables close 

Pack your valuables in your carry on baggage: bus companies generally won’t take responsibility for your luggage and the chances of any valuables breaking is greater if they’re in the holding section at the bottom of the bus.

6. Use the rest stops! 

Rest stops are invaluable: whether you feel like it or not, we recommend getting off the bus and taking a walk around! Giving your legs the chance to stretch and taking in some fresh air means you’ll feel refreshed and more comfortable when you sit back down; equally, you don’t want to be caught out with hours to go until the next one! Greyhound rest stop

7. Bring entertainment 

Whether it’s an iPad, a great book or something to listen to, bring something to keep you occupied on that long bus trip. Download a few podcasts or an addictive TV series and settle in to enjoy – how often do you get hours of uninterrupted me-time?!

8. Be productive 

Alternatively, use your time wisely to get some work done! There are few distractions which mean you can get stuck in and use those hours to be super productive.

9. Pack earplugs and an eye mask

If you’re traveling overnight or hoping to get some shut eye, bring earplugs and an eye mask with you on board for a peaceful ride.

10. Take photos!

Chances are, you’ll pass by some great views as you head towards your destination. Why not use the time to take some awesome photos of the places you drive past?! Not only will you keep occupied but you’ll have some great images of your trip to boot. Pick the window seat and get snap happy. Taking photos on the bus

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2 responses to “10 Tips for Surviving a Long Bus Trip

  1. This is a great list on how to make a trip by bus more productive. I really like that you suggest to travel at night time. That way, you can sleep and save money on the ticket. My uncle is wanting to tour the country and is considering doing it in a tour bus. These tips will be very useful to him if he decides to go. Thanks for the advice!

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