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Nothing captures the spirit of adventure quite like the classic all-American road trip. Rent a car and take inspiration from the movies, with these wanderlust-inducing road trip films!

The roof is down, the music’s turned up loud and the open road lies ahead of you – the possibilities are endless when you’re the one at the wheel. The US boasts a huge number of popular road trips, and with the freedom of deciding when, where and how often you stop there’s no limit to what you could see and experience. With so many great car rental deals around there’s never been a better time to hit the road!


1. Thelma & Louise

The route: from Arkansas to Arizona

This classic tale of adventure, friendship and self discovery follows the journey of friends Thelma and Louise, both craving a change from their daily lives. A two day vacation quickly becomes an action packed escape from the law, as the pair flee police in a now iconic 1966 Ford Thunderbird convertible. Featuring stunning shots of the American Southwest and culminating at the world-famous Grand Canyon, there’s plenty here to spark a desire to head out and explore on four wheels.

Thelma & Louise, grand canyon

2. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

The route: Sydney to Alice Springs

Fabulous, fun and full of laugh out loud moments, this feel good comedy features the escapades of a group of Australian drag queens on their way from Sydney to perform at Alice Springs, in the middle of the Australian Outback. Cue beautiful scenery, an infectious soundtrack and some hilariously unforgettable scenes. With plenty of adventure and misadventure, the spirit of the road trip is captured in a feel good, inspirational way.

Australian outback, Priscilla Queen of the Desert

3. Little Miss Sunshine

The Route: Albuquerque to California

This award winning movie centers around a slightly dysfunctional family as they travel from Albuquerque to California. The aim: to make it to the Little Miss Sunshine pageant in time for seven-year-old Olive to enter. Set mostly in the family’s VW camper van, relationships are tested and strengthened, and life on the road is shown to be full of possibility.

Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park, Little Miss Sunshine
Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park

4. The Bucket List

The route: around the world!

Hospitalized and facing the unknown, unlikely friends Carter and Edward hit the road, inspired by a desire to tick off everything on their bucket lists before it’s too late. What follows is a wanderlust inducing, heartwarming journey of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

5. Easy Rider

The route: Los Angeles to New Orleans, via Route 66

Iconic in its portrayal of 1960s counter-culture, the road trip taken by Billy and Wyatt on their motorcycles is now an attraction in its own right. Follow their route along the classic Route 66, or take inspiration from the awe inspiring landscapes and free spirited, hippie vibes to plan a road trip of your own!

Easy Rider movie road trip

What movies would you add to the list? Have you ever been on a film-inspired road trip?

IMG: Seligman, Route 66, Arizona by Sam Topping, Grand Canyon – Explored by Airwoldhound, Outback roads by Georgie Sharp, 20141029-IMG_9021 by Rain0975, Ruta 66, Route 66 by Vicente Villamón / Flickr cc.

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