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Are you thinking about hitting the slopes this winter? If so, remember some of the greatest skiing spots are in the most unusual and unexpected places.

Here are our favorite skiing destination that are out of the ordinary.

Ski on the set of The Shining

When you land in Portland International airport, Timberline Lodge is located less than 100km from the city of Portland and is one of the few skiing areas in Oregon, US. The resort is perched at 1800 meters above sea level in the heart of the forest of Mount Hood and offers skiers 35 trails for all ability levels.

Of course what makes the Timberline Lodge so special is the natural environment which was used as the backdrop location to several exterior scenes in the cult horror movie The Shinning by Stanley timberline lodge

Ski in Africa

You’d be surprised that skiing in Africa is even possible, but you are able to enjoy a trip to South Africa during the local winter. Afriski Mountain Resort in Lesotho is an all year round mount adventure destination with an abundance of winter and summer activities. Afriski attracts thousands of visitors – skiers, snowboarders and spectators flock to the majestic snowy mountains each year.afriski

Skiing with the Gods

Greece is well known for its beautiful beaches and less known for its snowy mountain tops which are comparable to the established skiing resorts in France. The highest peak on Greece’s Mount Olympus stands at 2900 meters above sea level and is a little piece of heaven for any ski enthusiast. The Mount Parnassos ski resort remains the most popular of all the ski resorts in Greece with its breathtaking views over the gulfs of Euboea and Corinth from the grèce

Ski in the desert

Two things that don’t go together: heat and snow. So you would think it impossible to find a skiing resort in Dubai (unless you plan to ski on the sand.) However, in line with the extravagance nature of Dubai they created an artificial resort surrounded by meter thick wall to keep out the 40° C heat and maintain the temperature of 2° C instead. SkiDubai opened in 2005 and is open all year round despite summer temperatures reaching 45° dubai

Ski on a volcano

If you’ve booked your flights to Hawaii why not enjoy a day of skiing in the area of Mauna Kea on top of their dormant volcano. Although be warned, it’s not your average skiing resort – there are certainly no lifts to the peak. There’s only one road that goes to the summit and you must have a 4-wheel drive car rental to reach it. But once you reach the top the views are spectacular; you can see the island’s other huge volcano called Mauna Loa, as well as Haleakala Volcano on Maui. The best times to visit are late January through to March.mauna kea ski

Photos : The Ridge resortsTimberline Lodge by Chris PalmerSkiing in Africa by Jørn ErikssonParnassos Ski Centre in Greece ! by Trip & Travel Blog,at the top of ski dubai by Jon RawlinsonMauna Kea sunset by Andjam79 / Flickr cc.

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