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In the hustle and bustle of the city, everything demands your attention. There are thousands of things to do in the Big Apple, but New York is more than just bright lights, glitz and glam. Unusual attractions are the city’s hidden gems! On your next trip experience our authentic New York and take the path less traveled. 

You will find so many amazing and unusual things to do in New York which will explore the city’s cultural, artistic and historical significance.

Whether it’s your first or 15th time visiting the city, you will not be disappointed when you discover New York like a local. will take you to locations that won’t necessarily be in the tourist guides, but you will most definitely want to see.
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Get sexy at the Slipper Room

Self-described as ‘the real lower east side experience’, the Slipper Room invites you to a night of creative debauchery. The two story venue is a palace of variety, showcasing the best and weirdest acts in burlesque, cabaret, live music and comedy. The creator, James Habacker, imagined a safe space for performers to experiment with new material and push themselves without fear of censorship – thus, The Slipper Room was born. This sort of approach has attracted young brilliant artists who put on hilarious shows almost every night of the week. You will have a lot of outrageous, messy and lewd fun at The Slipper Room – don’t miss this gem when you next visit New York.

Free Street Art Tour of Bushwick

New York is a blank and teasingly tempting canvas for any artist, making it a very attractive playground and hot destination for graffiti artists around the world. Bushwick is a working class district on the north side of Brooklyn adjacent to Williamsburg, it is a hub for talented artists and has quite the collection of street art on its industrial landscape. The neighborhood also has plenty of galleries and art studios, but if street art is more your thing you can join a free foot tour of Bushwick’s street art. The tour takes approximately 2 hours; you will visit Roberta’s Pizza, The BogArt, The Loom, Maria Hernandez Park, The Bushwick Collective and some great vintage shopping hot-spots.

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Take part in experiential theater – Sleep No More

When you take your next cheap flight to NYC you need to try this theater experience which is like no other. Set in a six-story warehouse, Sleep No More takes you on a physical and emotional journey through a twisted and experimental performance.

The story is loosely based on Macbeth and is performed with no words. The location is at New York’s The McKittrick Hotel (a venue established in three adjoining Chelsea warehouses).

Sleep No More takes the notion of voyeurism to the extreme; the audience are permitted freedom to wander around the production at their own pace. The audience are asked to wear a white Venetian beak mask as they gawk at the actors and rifle through the set. You are encouraged to get all up in the surroundings, open the drawers, get in bed, look in the coffins and interact with the actors.

Sleep No More is a production for the brave: if you want to experience something truly unique and don’t mind getting involved, this show will be right up your street.

Don’t miss the REAL Little Italy in the Bronx

If you’re looking for the Little Italy experience avoid Manhattan, this is the tourist version of Little Italy, it is overpriced and lacks the authentic atmosphere and culture of the real thing. Many New Yorkers will look puzzled when you ask them about this area: it’s a well-kept secret.

The real Little Italy is located in a vibrant Bronx neighborhood called Belmont (close to Bronx Zoo and Botanical Gardens). Little Italy is generally considered to be the area across East 187th street from Arthur Avenue to Prospect Avenue, here you will find some of the finest Italian-American venues in New York, try the restaurants, bakeries, markets, espressos and sample some of the best mozzarella. Bellissimo!

Arthur Avenue retail market shouldn’t be missed – it brings everything together under one roof.

Open Monday – Saturday 8 am – 5 pm. Closed Sunday.arthur-ave

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An unexpected piece of history: the Berlin Wall

There are pieces of the Berlin Wall scattered all over the world. New York has secured 5 pieces of German history which are located at 520 Madison Ave. Originally located next to Paley Park, the wall was moved into the lobby to protect it from weather and further decay. The lobby is open to the public seven days a week.

In the early 1980’s artist Thierry Noir began painting the surfaces on the west side of the Berlin Wall. The 14-foot tall wall became a huge canvas giving voice to artists all over the world, and became a popular tourist destination.

The dismantling of the wall was completed in 1991 – the majority of the wall was recycled into building material but a few hundred sections were preserved and sold. When you book a flight to New York you must make this stop on your trip.

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The secret burger joint in the Parker Meridien Hotel

One of the best burger joints in New York City is hidden behind a curtain in the atrium lobby of Le Parker Meridien Hotel.

The luxury hotel seems an odd fit for The Burger Joint. When you arrive, pull back the heavy velvet curtains to enter the joint. You are transported into a familiar dive-style diner, no-frills just great atmosphere and even better burgers. It’s a cool offbeat secret experience in NYC. If you’re a burger enthusiast (and who isn’t?) it’s absolutely worth the visit.burger-place

Best time to visit

Are you planning to book flights to NYC soon? Peak season is from mid-June to mid-September, but the weeks leading up to Christmas and just after are also popular weeks to visit Gotham City. Summer is a great season to visit, the weather is glorious and New Yorkers take to the streets, frolicking in Central Park and dining outside. Why wouldn’t you want to join them?

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IMG: nyc street art 2012 by smurfun, IMG_2781.jpg, artfulgourmetnyc, Berlin Wall on 53rd Street by gsz, The Burger Joint: Burger Joint (Le Parker Meridien Hotel)-6 by aveira / Flickr cc. 

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