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Summer’s over and you’re already dreaming of your next trip away. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to top up your wanderlust cravings and travel without leaving home. You can find plenty of travel inspiration on social media: Twitter, Facebook and, of course, Instagram!

Whether it’s beautiful images of the USA or a feed fit to bursting with photos of international destinations, these accounts are some of the best out there. So combat those post-vacation blues with a little scroll through one of these awesome travel Instagrams.

The Planet D

For stunning photos of dream destinations, look no further than this feed featuring beautiful locations from around the world. Dave and Deb are an award winning blogging duo, known for their adventurous take on traveling.

Glo @ The Blog Abroad

Travel blogger Glo has visited 40 countries (and counting!) which means her feed is bursting with photos of great international destinations. Traveling via a number of different transport methods including busing around Europe, you can expect to be transported away with these stunning images.


Through their blog, No Vacation Required, this Seattle based travel writer duo advocate a travel-centric lifestyle. Their Instagram showcases images from their journeys: you can expect photos from across the US, from New York to Las Vegas via some stunning scenic shots of North America’s National Parks.

A photo posted by NVRguys (@nvrguys) on

A photo posted by NVRguys (@nvrguys) on

Christina Vidal @ Jetset Christina

Based in San Francisco, Christina shares photos of her travels to destinations such as Croatia, France, Hawaii and more on her Instagram. With a focus on the more luxurious side to travel, this colorful Instagram feed is sure to inspire your own wanderlust.

Matt Long @ landlopers

Travel blogger and photographer Matt Long specializes in ‘experiential luxury travel’. His photography skills are showcased through his Instagram feed, with alternative viewpoints and stunning shots of nature, cityscapes and travel inspiration aplenty.

A photo posted by Matt Long (@landlopers) on

A photo posted by Matt Long (@landlopers) on

Sherry Ott @ ottsworld

She’s been traveling since 2006 and she’s got the photos to show for it! After leaving her corporate IT job 10 years ago, Sherry left New York to travel the world – and she’s never looked back! Her experiences and adventures are showcased on her Instagram feed and will make you want to follow in her footsteps.

A photo posted by Sherry Ott (@ottsworld) on

A photo posted by Sherry Ott (@ottsworld) on

Ryan @ Pause the Moment

From his current base in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, digital nomad Ryan travels the world visiting everywhere from Greece to Egypt. You can find plenty of beach-vibes and crystal clear ocean views which will make you want to take of your shoes and live by the sea.

A photo posted by Ryan (@pausethemoment) on

A photo posted by Ryan (@pausethemoment) on

IMG: #instagramers, Chris / Flickr cc., Shutterstock and Instagram

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