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Retired aircraft engineer Bahadur Chand Gupta hosts a full-on flight reenactment in a decommissioned aircraft for people in the community who are extremely poor and will likely never experience a real life flight.

Gupta comes from a small village in Haryana state called Kasan, he was the first person from the area to qualify as an engineer, and he soon secured a job for India Airlines in Delhi. His family, friends and neighbors wanted to know what an airplane was like, and asked to accompany him to the airport.

Of course, due to security reason the tour people request was never possible. Yet, it did inspire Gupta’s project which would work outside the airport.

In 2003, Gupta sold some land and bought an old airbus which he would use to give people of his neighborhood the experience of a real life flight.

Once his ‘passengers’ have boarded their flight, Gupta gives them a safety presentation, snacks from the cater cart and ensure all passengers have their boarding passes. He tries to give them the full flight experience, whilst ensuring that they have fun and are learning.

Some get a lesson in the cockpit and all exit the plane in the form of an emergency exit.

The price of this experience ranges from $1 to nothing, Gupta asks his passengers to pay whatever they can afford, allowing the poorest to board for free.

IMG: Screenshot from video

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