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A video has emerged showing how easy it is for hackers to access your personal information from a malicious Wi-Fi network.

The video, from the ‘Today’ show, reveals how hackers target travelers who are searching for open networks to hop on.

Of course, travelers are known for seeking out their next Wi-Fi fix to upload their latest tourist snap to Instagram, so for hackers they are easy prey.

Once tourists have logged onto the free wifi, hackers can access passwords, bank information, email accounts, credit card numbers and more.

The fake ‘free Wi-Fi’ networks are typically set up around the location’s landmarks, as well as within a 30 minute radius, according to Varun Kohli (VP of marketing at mobile defense group Skycure.) His team released a list of the most targeted tourism spots, including Times Square in New York City, Disneyland in California and even St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

The experts advise you not to log onto any ‘free’ or ‘open’ networks unless you trust the source.

IMG: Karen V Bryan / Flickr cc.

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