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Tourists are known for taking photos – and not just one photo, but like hundreds of the same landmark. And although tourist love being snap-happy they’re not really known for snapping original content. German designer, Philipp Schmitt designed a camera to encourage originality.

Schmitt, has developed a camera, ‘Camera Restricta’, which is anti-tourist and anti-Instagram. The camera fights for original photos and physically stops you from taking a photo of something that has been photographed many times before.

Meaning you can only produce original and unique photos with this camera.

By all means, take this camera with you on your next flight to Paris, but think again if you’re planning on taking any photos of the Eiffel tower. A small back alley a distance away from any landmark is probably fair game though.

This camera is currently a prototype, it houses a smartphone that uses GPS meta data from Flickr and Panoramio to determine how ‘popular’ a location is. If it counts more than 35 photos taken in a given location- 115 feet in any direction from where you’re standing – then the photo is a no go!

Maybe this camera isn’t the greatest travel companion but it does open a discussion about what we are missing whilst we focus so much energy on popular tourist sights.

IMG: video screenshot

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