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Monkeys in Bali haunt the family-friendly tourist attraction called Bali Monkey forest, making it clear that although the forest has peaked in visitors in recent years; it is still most definitely their stomping ground.

Sunglasses, hats, flip-flops and even smartphones are not safe around these pesky little thieves. They operate a highly intelligent gang circle which leaves no tourists free from attack – even children.

Monkey business is not just a cute phrase in Bali, it’s a serious underground industry ran by the monkey’s themselves. Ok – this might be an exaggeration but these little devils know exactly what they are doing when they brazenly steal your belongings.

It seems they are using our valuables as ransom, holding us hostage and taking advantage of the value we place on our belongings. Most of us would do anything to get our stolen smart phone back, and if the criminal is a monkey most people’s first thought would be to entice and distract them with food, plenty of food, until they dropped our phone and left.

Touché monkey, very clever indeed.

If you’re taking a trip to Bali, our advice would be not to underestimate these cute little gangsters instead wear closed-toe shoes, sunglasses with a strap and keep your belongings in your bag or pocket. You will not win this tug of war, so just your valuables out of sight.

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