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All travelers know which group they belong to: from the traditional sightseeing tourist to the adventure thrill seeker, and everything in between. We all belong to one of more groups. 

With Instagram hashtags such as #dogsonvacation trending, it’s clear that many people are bailing on the kennels and taking their favorite furry friend along for the ride.

For any animal lover the hashtag makes for some ‘aww’ inducing viewing. However, looking at the content of these snap happy pets it’s clear that their human’s travel behaviors are rubbing off of them.

We’ve listed some of the classic (human) traveler types/ behaviors we (the team) have witnessed on our travels, and we’ve teamed them up with their canine companion vacation snap.

If you’re taking your pet on holiday this year, read out advice on how to best prepare your pet for travel.

The sightseeing traveler 

Of course, there’s always on traveler in a group that wants to see all the sights. With their City Guide booklet at the ready, and Tourist Information on speed dial this traveler isn’t missing any of the city’s sights. On the plus side, their enthusiasm and extra strong elbows make for a great vehicle to get through the crowd and secure the best viewing point. 



The good intentions traveler

This hopeful soul has a real ‘go get them’ attitude. They’ll try anything once and genuinely want to experience the city, culture and surroundings around them. They jump in feet first – and sometimes with their eyes closed. Occassionally leaving them in sticky situations, maybe they’ll find themselves on a hiking or camping trip which just isn’t their cup of tea. But equally, they are likely to fall into some pretty beautiful experiences too. They give everything an equal chance. 


The ‘must always look our best’ traveler

Now, it’s easy to hate on the traveler who brings more than just a rug sack of clothes. Yes, they bring a hair drier. Yes, they bring an extra bra AND bikini (surely the bikini can double up as a bra right?) But really, they are just preparing for all eventualities and that is a sign of a great traveler.


The sleeps all day and parities all night traveler

Traditionally know as ‘the party animal’ this traveler has no great desire to explore further than the bar. During the days they might venture out and try out some activities (which probably involve alcohol) but they will make sure they are rested and back on form as soon as happy hour hits. If you need advice on the nightlife of a place – this traveler will have all the answers.


The adventurer 

Relaxation isn’t a word the adventurer engages with and you most definitely won’t find them lied on a beach soaking up the sun rays; they’re more likely to be partaking in some extreme water sports, feeling their hearts race. Unless their jumping, exploring, diving, driving or hiking they don’t feel like they know the true essence of a place. Typically the adventurer will plan their travel destinations around the activities on offer.


The spontaneous traveler

Always moving from one destination to the next, with not much planned in between. Usually students or people in their early twenties looking for adventure, these guys will leave a city on a whim. Book a flight to Rome? Why not, eh! They’re generally traveling on their own, staying in hostels, and meeting travel buddies along the way; dropping them and picking up other people as the journey continues. dog6

The YOLO traveler 

The travel who has a ‘YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE’ attitude so let’s spend all our cash. Usually a fan of luxury travel, the YOLO traveler doesn’t want to miss out on any experience, which often means he/she will do them all and probably ask their parents to wire some money through mid-trip. But it’s fine, the extra spending is totally worth it to experience a city to it’s fullest. ‘When will we ever be here again?’ is there generally justification for their spending habits. dog7

The stag/hen do traveler 

When you see a squad looking on point … or let’s be honest … a boozed up man/woman dressed ridiculously, you’ve spotted the not-so-rare stag or hen. Usually found visiting capital cities for only a few nights, these party animals will make themselves known in any bar or restaurant. And are usually recognizable by their quite obvious British clothing attire.

The lone traveler 

Unlike ‘The spontaneous traveler’ this lone wolf doesn’t need anyone in his/her pack. They’ve cracked the selfie, so who else do they need? Their trip is revolved around self discovery, they may make friends and connections here and there but ultimately this trip is about finding ones self and improving their inner being.

dog9IMG: Instagram

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