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Did you know that, until 2009, it was illegal for women in Paris to wear pants? This 1800s law was finally taken off the books but there are still plenty of out-dated and totally strange laws all over the world. Here are some of the silliest ones.


Did you know that it’s illegal to smoke a cigarette in Amsterdam coffee shops, but you’re allowed to smoke marijuana?


It’s against the law to flush your toilet after 10pm. It’s also forbidden to dry your clothes outside on a Sunday.


Since 1992, businesses have been banned from selling chewing gum. This happened at the same time that the country passed a law that made chewing gum illegal in hopes of cleaning up the streets.gum craziest laws


Russia has some pretty funny laws, at least funny to us. It’s illegal to drive a dirty car, making the car wash business a very lucrative one to be in! This law was passed because the police couldn’t read the license plates of dirty cars involved in traffic violations.


We’re not sure if some of Italy’s funny laws are just superstitious or crazy! For example, in Capri, it’s illegal to wear shoes that are noisy. If you’re visiting Vigevano (a town near Milan), remember that you cannot sit in the shadow of a monument. And finally, if you’re traveling to Eraclea, it’s against the law to build a sandcastle on a public beach.

South-East Asia

If you want to try some local fruits, avoid buying a durian. If you do, remember that it’s illegal to eat it or even bring it near public places due to its pungent smell!durian craziest laws


On your next trip to Canada remember it’s against the law to pay for items at a store in $1 coins if the item is $25 or more in value. Crazy right? We suppose they’re not a fan of change.


It’s against the law to die in Parliament, so if you plan on kicking the bucket while taking a tour of Westminster, think again! It’s also considered an act of treason to put a stamp on an envelope or postcard with the Queen’s head upside down. So, be careful when posting your postcards while on vacation in London!parliment craziest laws


If you thought the rest of the world has some pretty funny laws, take a look at some of the strange laws in the US which are still active.

In Alabama it’s against the law to drive a car blindfolded (and probably for good reason!). In Florida, an unmarried woman is not allowed to go skydiving or parachuting on a Sunday. Soap thieves should steer clear of Arizona. If you’re caught stealing soap there, you will have to wash yourself with it until it is gone as punishment! And we end all this nonsense in Kentucky, where it’s illegal to put your ice cream cone in your pocket!

If you’re feeling brave and can abide by these crazy rules book your cheap flights to any of these destinations.

IMG: solarnu, noii’s, gruntzooki, Singing with Light / Flickr cc.

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