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Planning a trip across the pond to the British capital? Travelers heading to London will be able to enjoy 24-hour Tube rides as soon as this summer!

It’s been a long time coming and finally overnight services on two of London’s major underground lines will begin on August 19th. Shuttling over 1.3 billion people every year, the Tube system is the most efficient way to explore the British capital. The overnight service will begin on the Central and Victoria lines this summer, with 24-hour services commencing on Piccadilly, Jubilee and Northern next fall.

The city’s new mayor, Sadiq Khan, hopes the new all-night services will help promote London’s iconic nightlife. So, whether you hit the town in Camden, or in Brixton south of the river, or hop from bar to bar in Soho, you won’t have to spent a fortune on a cab ride back to your London hotel (or worse, the dreaded night bus). Instead, you can hop on the tube and quick as a flash, get where you need to be at any hour of the day.

Img: Manor House by Len Smith / Flickr cc.

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