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It seems Japan knows how important it is to keep to a schedule; this is reflected in the results of a travel study regarding the most punctual airports and airlines.

Osaka Itami has been named as the best small airport for on-time performance with 93.85%, and Tokyo Haneda has been named the best large airport with 91.25% for their on-time performance.

However it is the Latvian carrier airBaltic which bags the best airline, for the second year running the low cost airline has been ranked as the most punctual in the world, with an average of 94.39% of flights staying within 15 mins of schedule.

But again, Japan enters the top five with both JAL and ANA.

So if you’re booking a flight to Japan this year, it’s more than likely that you will make your airport pickup no problem.

IMG: World time by matisses tienda / Flickr cc.

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