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Passengers on an American Airlines plane come together and boo in unison to demonstrate their indignation at the events unfolding.

Tiana Fough, 27, was flying home back to Portland after a vacation with her girlfriends when she was yelled at by a flight attendant and was asked to leave the plane, for reasons unknown to Fough and her fellow passengers.

Fough was unaware that the flight attendant, who was wearing a different uniform to the other flight attendants, was telling her to move out of the aisle to allow other passengers through.

Fough, sobbing, asked what she had done and asked why he was being so mean to her. However the flight attendant continued to tell her that she must get off the flight immediately.

In the video you can hear the invested crowd voice their opinion in defence of Fough. A chorus of boos broke out along with remarks declaring their disapproval of the airline’s actions.

Fough’s fellow passengers reached out to the pilot upon landing informing him that the flight attendant’s behaviour was out of line.

The airline has apologised and has addressed the issues with the staff members in question. They offered Fough a $250 travel voucher, to which she refused and instead plans to take legal action.

IMG: MattHurst / Flickr cc.

One response to “Passengers boo as flight attendant kick woman off American Airlines plane

  1. Hooray for American Airlines! I am very happy that the airline kicked Ms.Fough off the plane!
    I am a frequent flyer (not to one specific airline). It was very inconsiderate of Mr. Fough to block
    the isle. Who does she think she is? There were (probably) other passengers that needed to
    get to their seats. So what, if the flight attendant had a different attire then the others!? She apparently thinks she’s a queen! I totally get upset when a passenger stand in the isles fiddling around with whatever…I would of said/and have said something to other passengers that have done the same thing as Ms.Fough! Ms.Fough is now going to get an attorney to persue a case against the Airline?? I would hope there is an attorney that will NOT take this case. Hopefully, he or she will have morals/class and tell Ms.Fough to take her broom stick! Thank You American Airlines for not taking her “B.S.” attitude! And I hope other airlines will follow and not let nasty customers get their way!
    If I worked at ‘American Airlines’ (or any another), I would of charged Ms.Fough a cancellation fee for having no manners! I hope I never sit next to a person like Ms.Fough!

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