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Nervous flyer? Airports stress you out? San Francisco International has got you covered, with the latest addition to their squad of over 300 therapy animals – LiLou the therapy pig! 

San Francisco International Airport understands that flying can be a stressful experience. In a bid to calm down flustered flyers, they’ve got a squad of 300 plus therapy animals on hand – including dogs, cats, rabbits and now, a therapy pig!

LiLou is a Juliana-breed pig with a penchant for colourful costumes and nail polish. She’s been added to the SFO Wag Brigade, a group of animals which calms down passengers at the airport.

A photo posted by LiLou (@lilou_sfpig) on

According to the airport, LiLou is the first airport therapy pig in the US and splits her time between serving on the Wag Brigade and visiting other facilities in the area, such as senior centers and hospitals – and documenting her adventures on Instagram.

Animals on the Wag Brigade are selected “for their temperament and airport suitability” and travelers are welcome to pet them before they fly. All animals on the team are certified by the SF SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

IMG: Instagram

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